How much protein do we need per day

How much protein do we need per day

How much protein do we need per day as a human being there's only one way to find out let science the out of it but what actually counts as a high protein diet the latest medical research says that an average human being just to lead a healthy life in the long term needs about a gram of protein like protein intake equals to your body weight, if you are both 65 kgs you need 65 grams of protein do you guys have any idea how much that is one egg has six and a half grams of protein 6.5 times 10 that's about 65 grams of protein so if you're a 65 kg human being you should be eating 10 eggs a day the only Indians who actually fulfill their daily protein requirements are the ones who lift and the ones who actually eat that many eggs and that much protein and they're the same ones who get scolded at by the elders and society in general for eating that much high protein now that's the standard for an average human being but what's really important to know is that the kind of exercise regime you follow, the kind of fat percent you have, your age, your gender and a bunch of other things determine.
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how much protein you actually need, now if you're an individual who's actually into some kind of hard exercise regime like resistance or weight training or even something like yoga what's happening is that you're damaging your body and your muscles to produce stronger muscles in their place now to build those stronger muscles in place of your older muscles you have to have protein and these people who exercise then need for protein is a lot more than the average human being because they're damaging their bodies a lot more than that person so a lot of gymers in the country actually face this problem where at home when they're trying to eat high protein that parents and the doctors and everyone will shout and then they'd be oh my god what are you doing you're damaging your body you guys need to know that the only way a high-protein diet can actually damage your body is if you're the hydrated most of the time so the only precaution you need to take is that you need to make sure that your urine is clear most of the time so till nine o'clock at night till about two three hours before bedtime keep drinking water until your urine is clear or has just a slight tinge of yellow, you just do this and you'll be in the safe zone.
So, let's talk numbers if you are under some kind of exercise and you're trying to build lean muscle mass you need a minimum of 0.8 grams to a maximum of 2.7 grams per kg of body weight so in numbers suppose you're a 50 kg individual you can go up to about 140 grams a day, 140 grams of protein is an equivalent of 21 whole eggs in a day so, as a 50 kg individual your body can actually utilize 21 whole eggs and build muscle mass safely if you're hydrated keep that in mind so let's take up cases which will effectively cover almost everyone's protein requirement related doubts, now keep in mind that I've referred to research papers from someone called Allan Eragon this guy he's one of the top guys in nutrition and fitness research in the world and you can trust these stats blindly.
I divided protein intake in three part or different case according person to person,

1.Average skinny fat Indian

The average skinny fat Indian now this actually covers most of the viewers and most of Indian general so the protocol for you is that you need to consume 0.8 grams of protein per kg at a minimum and you can go up to 2 grams per kg at a maximum initially at least for six months to a year this is the kind of protein requirement you need if you want to build lean muscle mass remember the higher you keep your protein and take the faster and better results you get the only precaution you take if you stay hydrated.

2.overweight person

This is meant for everyone who's kind of overweight anyone who wants to lose any amount of weight so for you what's happening is that you're trying to burn off fat from your body now while burning of fat your body also burns off muscle so your job is to actually maintain your lean muscle mass while burning fat to maintain your lean muscle mass your muscles need fuel and your fuel is obviously gonna come from protein the protocol for you is that you need to take your target weight convert it into pounds and have that many grams of protein every single day so suppose your target weight is 60 kgs that's about 130 pounds you need to be having 130 grams of protein every single day  remember you want to conserve all that muscle mass while you lose weight if you don't you're going to end up with a lot of long-term health problems because of lower muscle mass.

3.Intermediate gymer

The intermediate gymer this is for all you guys who've actually bulked up but you'll want to cut down,one look good without a shirt on now for you again it's kind of hard you guys need to have the highest protein consumption amongst all kinds of GMOs now you guys need to be consuming a minimum of 1.4 grams per kg to a maximum of 2.7 grams per kg again the point of consuming that much protein is to make sure that you don't lose muscle in the process of cutting when you're cutting your aim is to lose a lot of fat and maintain your muscle mass and again the only way of muscle mass is going to be maintained is if you keep your protein intake high so what you want to substantially up your protein intake and gradually lower your carbs and fat intake every day that's how you cut properly.
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