Periods Treatment for girls

Periods Treatment For Girls

The most important evergreen topic in women life which every women faces in there life Periods,Now a lot of girls assume that if you're on your period you've got a stop physical exercise completely and let your body recover this is an idea that's promoted a lot in indian gyms but it's not entirely true now what you gotta understand first is that all women are different now depending on your lifestyle your genetics and your fitness levels the amount of flow you have doing your periods will vary and what also varies is the amount of pain that different women experience now in order for you guys to understand these concepts about exercise and periods better I've devised the system so depending on the kind of characteristics your period has you'll fall into one of three categories as a woman.
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1.Top category

This is primarily for women who have very intense periods the experienced a lot of pain which might be accompanied by heavy flow. the Top is primarily for women who are young who have not gone through the process of childbirth or women were facing some kind of medical condition like endometriosis or fibroids or the third is if you're a woman who's just genetically prone to having a painful period.

1. You've go and see your doctor firstly and figure out if there's something wrong with your body.
2. You've got to do is that you've got to take care of the correct precautions and the correct scheduling when it comes to exercise now from a fitness perspective here's what you've got to know real Fitness takes place in the long term and long term fitness is all about understanding your body better how do you understand your body better you put yourself in situations so, the first thing you've got to do is test yourself try out different things now for some women very intense exercise might increase the amount of bleeding so if you're one of these women you'd want to take a break in those three or four days or if you don't wanna take a break at least go light in the gym or light in your exercise regime that's for you to figure out.
Now if you're planning on taking a break in those three or four days we gotta talk about correct scheduling so I'm going to give One example, suppose I am going on a vacation and I know that I won't be able to gym for three or four days then in the week prior to those three or four days I'll make sure I go a little bit higher in terms of frequency in the gym so whatever your exercise regime is kind of go harder in those one or two weeks priority or periods because you know you're getting those three or four days completely off the gym so in those couple of weeks prior to the break make sure you don't go completely ham,you've got to rest a little bit even in those two weeks but in saying all this keep in mind that some women who fall in the red category actually benefit from following the normal exercise regime and that's primarily because when you exercise when you inflict any amount of damage on your body your body responds by trying to recover and in the process of recovery it releases a lot of feel-good hormones like endorphins and endorphins are the body's natural painkillers so the effect of those painkillers also applies to your period pain and some women benefit a lot from these natural painkillers now you've got to decide which part of the red category you fall into and in order to decide you've just got to test yourself in different situations.

2.Middle category

This is women who don't experience that much pain during the periods and it usually is accompanied by light flow.
Middle category women who don't experience that much pain or heavy flow during the periods the protocol for you is simple just keep at it girl you're way luckier than all these girls in the red category embrace that luck and embrace that with lifestyle.

3. Lower category

It's for women who are either athletes or who are into some serious exercise regime and for the third category the science is entirely different.
Lower category now this is primarily for women who at leats or who into some kind of very serious exercise regime like heavy weight training or long-distance running or even for women who exercise but exercise a little bit too often.
Now the cause of concern for you is something called athletic a menorah now this is a condition where the body responds to a lot of external stress by just turning off your normal menstrual cycle. So, in athletic a menorah your body is already going through a lot of pressure from all that exercise and it kind of just switches off your periods sometimes because it's your body's way of saving energy you know keeping its strength now athletic Amon Orioles are concerned because the long-term symptoms include reduced fertility premature aging and an increase in the LDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol in your bloodstream so the Tip for you is to take a step back remember this is your body's way of coping with all that external stress so you need to reduce that external stress level so either you can try reducing the frequency of training or change up your training routine a bit it might be a little bit too intense and if that doesn't work that's when you need to go to a doctor and figure out if you need medication but if you're suffering from athletic a menorah keep in mind that it is a condition many athletes suffer from and it is normal and if you treat it early it's nothing you should be concerned about so keep that in mind okay so that pretty much covers it all when we're talking about the protocols you need to follow as  keep in mind that regular exercise means regular periods and regular periods are very important when we are talking about long-term health and also keep in mind that exercise doesn't only ensure regular periods but it also has other benefits it reduces PMS symptoms like depression irritability and even bloating so as a woman you have to give some importance to physical activity remember when we're talking about long-term health it's all about long-term exercise when you start an exercise regime you shouldn't go into it to just lose weight for some time you should go into it and look at it as a lifestyle it should be as normal for you as calm in your hair brushing your teeth and when we're talking about this long-term fitness lifestyle it's all about keeping that streak going every single day you want to get yourself to your gym or your studio or wherever you go about your exercise regime that's all you've got to do so something like periods sometimes becomes an excuse for some women because of the periods they'll break their fitness streak and in the process of breaking that Fitness streak unfortunately they'll break the entire exercise regime that's what you want to avoid remember periods are going to be a part of your life for a very long time and it's something you have to include as a factor in long term fitness don't let it discourage you ever.

I think you will understand how dell with periods

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