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Today article is all about Best Hair care Tips for you, Hair play very important role in overall personality and define overall looks Many teenage are not take care of there hair and resulted in hair fall,damaging hair,premature gray hair etc. and many young boy or girls are loose there hair in 19-20 age which not time for hair fall. if you are facing hair fall problem so it is sign of poor hair care ,Here are five ways to hair care in best ways.
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If  the deficiency the of nutrition arise in the body then fist thing you loose that is hair because body think that he survive without the hair on head he can’t give first priority to hair or hair is less important to the body So, the primary function of our body to give nutrition to our body organ , glands ,brain, eyes,heart,etc. and at the last hair.
In these day a large number of teenage eating junk food,artificial sweeteners,packed foods and drinking coals  So, it should be in control  because one thing you have to know that our hair grow with help of protein and in India there is deficiency of protein in meal  so, include protein in daily meal like Paneer, soya chunks, eggs, chicken ,Fish, legumes etc. all contain high protein. omega 3 foods like almonds,cashew,flex seed, kidney seeds etc.Green leafy vegetables, Amla, lemon, oats etc ,Iron and vitamins C is very important minerals to grow hair  fast, Include Iron and vitamin C in daily meal.


Exercise such as head stand, feet touch, balayam which increase the blood circulation in head or you can choose any Exercise which help stimulating blood flow in the scalp I suggest you to do balayam Exercise.
The words come from bal+vyayam = Balayam means the best exercise of  hair, all you need to do rube your nails togather  5 to 10 minutes from below the nails where the nails skin connect to the scalp and regular nail rubbing exercise stimulating  the blood and oxygen in the scalp,its help to increase hair growth , helps to regrow hair and also reversing the chance of premature gray hair.
But you have to remember one thing before doing balayam Don’t do balayam after eating meal, Do balayam before the meal. I suggest do balayam exercise in morning and evening in empty stomach.

3.Hair product

As a healthy lifestyle don’t wash your hair too much ,2-3 times of hair wash in week according to your hair type is good enough, Do not forget to conditioned your hair , conditioner are used with purpose of balancing moisture  in hair or you can use curd in the place of conditioner for moisture.
Comb your hair not just only for style but also increase in blood circulation in scalp which reduce the chance hair fall, and do not touch your hair too often with finger its transfer the germs in finger to hair and do not pull up your hair too tight when you are styling your hair it will put undue pressure on hair which increase hair fall.

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Massage your scalp with organic oil like coconut oil ,olive oil or you can choose which oil available in your home. And also massage hand and legs because in Ayurveda says its help in blood circulation as well as in balance Vata dosha, According Ayurveda vata dosha is major problem of hair fall if you are suffering from Bloating and gas. The best way to solve the gas problem is body massage and herbal drinks.
Massaging your neck in downwards and for hand and legs massaging in Upwards.


Nourishment is important for hair repair and gives power to roots for this I will share one my home remedies take

  1.        One table spoon of coconut oil
  2.        One tea spoon of Aloe vera gel
  3.        One tea spoon of honey
  4.        One tea spoon  of  lemon juice
Mix it well and apply on hair as mask and leave the pest on your 25 – 30 minutes wash it with natural mild shampoo this simple hair treatment work for overall nurishment.

I hope this will help you to care your hair in best ways. please Follow and share.

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