Eggs nutrition

Eggs Nutrition

Eggs nutrition ,How many eggs can you realistically have in a day while keeping your health as your main priority now let's consider the word cholesterol first people throw around this word without even actually understanding the meaning of it the yolks increase your cholesterol bro the first thing that this nation needs to know is that there are two types of cholesterol the first is dietary cholesterol the thing you're getting from your food and the second is blood cholesterol something that's produced inside your body that refers to the cholesterol in your bloodstream and with respect to blood cholesterol they're two kinds LDL and HDL ,LDL is the bad cholesterol it's the kind of cholesterol that clogs your arteries and causes heart disease HDL is the good kind of cholesterol it's the Phebe to LDL  ursula, Experts believe that HDL cholesterol in your bloodstream actually helps with D clogging your arteries which are clogged because of LDL cholesterol.  ( A whole eggs contain 6 g of protein , in eggs white portion 4 g and yolk 2 g) 
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Eggs are an awesome source of cholesterol in general and studies have shown that in most humans around 70% of humans there's no change in LDL cholesterol even when subjects have been eating close to like five to six whole eggs every single day but for the remaining 30% of the population the diabetics the people are prone to heart disease and the people who are genetically not meant to eat eggs there was a rise in LDL levels but it wasn't such a high rise that it would be harmful but most important takeaway from these studies is that the study showed that intake of eggs actually increases HDL cholesterol levels in most subjects and that's making them a healthier person than they were before they consume the eggs.

But let's get to the point should you be consuming whole eggs the answer is yes, if you're a normal healthy human being with a normal healthy lifestyle protein from eggs is actually the best kind of protein that can be utilized by your body to produce lean muscle and lean muscle is important for every single human being the only kind of protein that's even better than eggs is simple whey protein if you want to know more go check out my Article on the science of protein shakes like whey protein, it will help you understand a lot of these concepts a very important thing to know but protein and egg intake is that if you're someone who's exercising who's into any kind of exercise be Zumba, yoga, pilates or most importantly weight training, if you are into any of these you're not a normal human being you're actually damaging your body much more than a normal human being sitting in an office or at home, your dietary requirements are completely different you constantly need to refuel your body from all the damage it's taken during exercise and eggs  have best form of fuel for all you men whole eggs with the yolk are super important because the yolk helps in production of testosterone in your body and testosterone helps you push harder in the gym and eventually build more muscle mass and ladies whole eggs are equally important for you because they're one of the best sources of iron every month, when you lose blood you also lose a lot of the iron content inside your body and whole eggs help in replenishing that iron content so the ground rule for every single human being is that you should be having two or three whole eggs every day, if you don't have any health problems and if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat that goddamn egg yolk man all the nutrition and minerals and vitamins that are present in an egg are present in the egg yolk when you throw in the egg yolk you're just left with the white which is high in protein and it is low on calories by it has zero nutrition so, make sure you eat at least two or three whole eggs every single day.

Now if you lift weights if your regular on the gym how many whole eggs should you be having 
so this is where the topic becomes kind of subjective it's different for different people firstly you need to see how well your body reacts to whole eggs remember guys anything in excess is bad but how do you define an excess when it comes to eggs so I put an upper limit of around seven or eight whole eggs but I am not telling you guys have seven or eight whole eggs I'm telling you guys to experiment with your diet some people react really badly to whole eggs it and get pimples and they tend to kind of get bloating so you need to see for yourself if you feel bad with consuming egg then take whey protein in the place of egg protein, Remember one if you make changes or increase the consumption of egg on diet please take checkup with doctor after 3 months from changing your diet .
the thing with eggs is that they're such a beautiful food item when it comes to gyming there is not worth completely neglecting you definitely need some four whole eggs in your diet if you're looking to get stronger and bigger make sure that a part of your diet whether you're bulking or you're cutting it should just fit under your calorie cap and you should make sure that you're hydrated that's the ground rule with whole eggs.

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