Source of protein for vegetarian

Source of protein for vegetarians

What is the best Source of protein for vegetarian  the large number of people take vegetarian food protein and not getting good result like non veg food they consuming vegetarian food from long time but not getting good result in muscle building or any fitness goal. Because  most people don't understand is the term amino acid Profile basically every protein as some kind of amino acid profile attached to it, it's like its identity its profile now protein A contain 5 amino acid and protein B contain other 4 amino acid you have to complete the amino acid chain to make muscle and healthy physic.
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If you get a little bit deeper into the science we break down a minor acids into essential , non-essential and conditionally essential amino acid so firstly you've got to understand the term essential this tag is attached to a minor acids because we're talking about the food requirements of your body conditionally essential amino acids are only required when your body is under some form of stress if you suffering from a disease or if you're injured that when it's essential to consume some form of conditioning essential amino acid. But the difference  between non-essential and essential amino acids essential amino acids are essential for you to consume who your food why because they're not produced internally by your body you can only get them to an external food substance there are nine essential amino acids non-essential amino acids are produced by your body itself , you don't need an allow external food for your body to get non-essential amino acids it's produced by the body itself but let's talk a little bit about essential amino acids now these are the nine essential amino acids.

You  don't really need to remember the names but what you do need to remember is that the synthesize lean muscle inside your body you've got to ingest all nine amino acids you don't need to ingest them in one meal but over one day ideally should be consuming a good amount of all nine these nine will combine together to make your body an anabolic environment and help you put on a little bit of muscle now you got to remember that animal protein as everyone know has all nine essential amino acids but that doesn't mean that if you're someone who's only consuming plant protein you can't build muscles now plant proteins are deficient in some of the nine essential amino acids depending on the plant protein you select it will be deficient in one or the other so your job if you're someone's consuming plant protein is to make sure that you're getting all nine essential amino acids and this is where the game.
Here I tell you all most complete profile in essentials is vegetarians.

1.Dry Fruits/ Nuts. 

Dry fruits and Nuts are great source of protein ,good fat,minerals,fiber. which help in decreasing the cholesterol,many heart diseases,promots good blood flow,better the digestive system.
Some dry fruits are Almond, Cashew, Chestnut, Peanuts, Pine nuts, Pistachio soft,Walnuts etc.
100 g of dry fruits contain

Fiber : 3 g

Protein: 20 g - 30 g

Fat : 50 g (36 g is monounsaturated)
Take 1 meal in a day.

2.Seeds/bean family.

Legumes, Dals, kidney beans, chickpea, cow peas, dry beans etc
Chia seeds, flax seeds , Lotus seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds ,sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.
Are the best source of protein which have all most complete source of amino acid in vegetarian food  like all verities of Seeds and bean are rich in proteins of 15 – 22 g  per 100 g

Fibers-12-15 g

Carbs -3-6 g


It is also helpful in reducing cholesterol, increasing good gut bacteria, decreasing sugar level in blood.
You have to consume 2 meal in day for healthy body or gain weight.

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3. Soy Family .

Soy foods are widely consume by larger number of people in country some of the soy products are Tofu, soy sauce, soy milk, soybean oil, soy yogurt, soybean flour etc. 

Calories 173

Carbs -10 g

Fat- 9 g

Protein is depend on its product like 1 glass of soy milk contain 9 g of protein, soy chunk is made with soya bean with the process of extract of oil in soy bean and the remaining is soy chunks 100 g of soy chunk contain 52 g of protein which is very great numbers in vegetarian diet , Tofu contain  15 g - 20 g of protein .
The most asked question is that product by many people the soy product raise the estrogen level and increase men boobs. Well it is correct the excess of soy product  is harmful for health I recommend you to take 25 g of protein from soy is safe in day.

4.Dairy products .

Dairy product is best choice for protein ,calcium , vitamin D ,Fat.
Milk, yogurt, cheese, Butter are common use by human being, But try to consume low fat milk for protein we don’t want fat and saturated fat,Because saturated fat increase the cholesterol level, slow the digestive system function.
paneer as vegetarian source of protein but paneer is very difficult to make firstly you need a lot of milk to create that little amount of paneer secondly paneer is a little harsh on your digestive system it's a slow digesting protein the casein but in saying that it might lead to problems like acne, bloating, flatulence especially if you're someone who's lactose intolerant and the same goes for something like whey protein.
Say ,No if you have problem of lactose and consult with your doctor to before adding milk product in your meal. If you have not any problem with milk product add 2 meal in a day.

I hope you will understand these all foods are available in market for vegetarians who want to achieve there fitness Goal.

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