In PCOS condition every doctors told you to fix your diet plan (PCOS Diet)and fix your exercise regime and unfortunately because a lot of Indians aren't educated correctly about fitness, creating a diet and exercise regime seems like something very difficult but trust me it's not it's just about following a few basic steps to make your body better than it was yesterday Now before Read this Article I highly recommend you go and read the Article  made on PCOS science if you're a girl and whether or not you've suffered from PCOS it's your duty to know everything there is to know about PCOS it is one of the most common problems faced by girls in modern day society and the only way we can eliminate such a problem is with mass education so make sure you get yourself educated first now before we get to the actual PCOS diet plan there's a few things you need to know firstly insulin resistance almost every girl suffering from PCOS also suffers from insulin resistance you understand this term better first you need to understand the function of insulin in your body now our bodies derive energy from carbohydrates every time you consume a carbohydrate it's broken down into glucose inside your body and then the glucose is converted into energy through insulin.

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Insulin converts the glucose to energy now coming to carbohydrates every single carbs is rated on the GI scale the GI scale is a scale from 0 to 100 ,100 represents glucose it basically signifies how fast a carbohydrate is digested by your body now glucose or sugar is rated at 100 because it's very easily digested by your body it is digested very fast, if your body takes that little bit of sugar and converts it into energy very rapidly but in order to convert it into energy in order to convert all that glucose into usable energy your body needs to create an insulin spike,this high GI carbs food create difficulties in fat loss or maintaining lean body, but it's even worse for girls suffering from PCOS now sugar which is rated at a hundred on the GI scale will cause an insulin spike in your blood stream but these intense fights are also caused because of high GI carbohydrates every single carbs in the world is rated using sugar as the reference So, the carbs which cause a similar effect as sugar are rated higher on the GI scale the closer they are to 100 in the value the bigger the insulin spike will get in your bloodstream so, the rule is that you want to avoid sugar and you want to avoid all high GI carbohydrates most girls suffer from PCOS , or if you are overweight you want to reduce fat as normal that you are before. learn everything there is to know about carbs and learn which the low GI carbs are which the high  carbs are all the foods that are listed in the two groups
     1.Low GI Carbs
·        Brown rice
·        Oats
·        Sweet potato
·        Wheat
·        Multi gain bread
·        Legumes
      2.High GI Carbs
·        White Rice
·        Maida (flour)
·        Potato
·        White Bread
 and obviously avoid sugar at all cost now getting to the actual diet plan in 3
rules .

1. It is difficult to avoid sugar from there diet, especially for girls who generally have sweet tooth so I'm going to work out a way for you to handle that situation now there's two points in the day where you can afford an insulin spike for breakfast and after a workout Replace the sugar with natural alternatives like sugar from Fruits every single fruits contain there natural fruit sugar which not harm like sugar which is present in home , along with fruits also add protein in meal.

2 Whole eggs
Proteins shake
Small serving legumes
Small serving of paneer
Nuts and seeds
            Periods treatment 2.In afternoon meal you have to add lean protein source with low carbs try to take big meal of that so you can not hungry at evening.

·        Chicken breast
·        Fish
·        Egg white
·        Lean paneer
     2.Low carbs
·                  2-3 chapati
·                  Brown rice
·                  Sweet potato
·                  Oats
·                  Legumes
If you don’t go for workout or gym avoid fruits and sugar to coffee and tea. Try to not spike you insulin when going for exercise after the meal.

3.In Dinner time you have to take lean protein without carbs or you can add small bowl of low carbs food. Check the lean protein food.

I hope you will understand the diet which helps you to make you healthy and come from PCOS problem.

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