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How to increase height

How to increase height,Generally height growth depend on there genetics suppose your grandparent and your parent height is 6 feet then your height will grow up to 6 feat or more then 6 feat, and 90% of height growth depend on genetic.
In some cases the height of child is grow up to there parents height and some case the height of child is not grow up to there parents height this problem arise due to not take care  diet, Exercise and Proper sleep.

How to increase height because it is important for everybody good height give us  good personality as well as good confidence. Today i am going to share my 3 tips to increase height absolutely in some months.
First question arises mind that ,the girls raise height up to 18 and boys grow there height up to 22 it is absolutely true because its depend on genetic.
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1.Nutrition balance diet .

Nutrition plays very important role in to grow the level of  human growth hormone in the body with help of this our body build cell,tissue, healthy skin,height growth,hair growth etc.if you're an individual who's actually into some kind of hard exercise regime like resistance or weight training or even something like yoga what's happening is that you're damaging your body and your muscles to produce stronger muscles in their place now to build those stronger muscles in place of your older muscles you have to have protein and these people who exercise then need for protein is a lot more than the average human being because they're damaging their bodies a lot more than that person , so, we have to insure the correct nutrition we get every day.

Vitamin A and D foods essential for our body for height growth ,and help to building better immunity. Such vitamin A,D food which is essential for increase height .

3.Greenleaf vegetable
4.sweet potato
8.All dairy products
9.Egg yolk
10.All Soy products
And take natural vitamin D from sun. (Morning sunlight)

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Calcium. Calcium promote bones health and it essential food to activate enzymes for proper function of body efficiently. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium in the body. Due to Calcium muscle build.blood clotting and blood vessel are properly works ,and increase height.High calcium foods are.


Protein . Protein is a great source of amino. The high diet Protein helps to      build height,hair,skin,muscle and better the performance of body part and other action done by body. It commonly factor is build tissue in body .it also helps to body to fight from diseases. Its promote height body postures.protein is available in veg and non veg both food type.Some high protein foods is

4.Lean Beef

2. Exercise and yoga

Now a day exercise play very important role in maintain well health and reduce the illness chances .exercise also help to boost metabolism rate to burn fast calories which provides fast conversion of calories into energy.Exercise help  includes effects on psychological health as well
this means that exercise not only gives us a healthier body but also a healthier mind,Exercise gives strength to our muscles ,bone and relief stress.Exercise helps to increase energy level in body and its make your brain healthy and make to feel happier, It also promote good blood flow in body which reduce illness.The stretching exercise is important for height growth. You can also include cardio exercise
Some exercise which is improve your posture
As well as height .
1.cobra pose
2.stretching legs
3.pull ups
4.foot touch.
5.Aerobic such as cycling , jumping rope etc.
And you can also include other yoga exercises  for better results.

3.Good amount of sleep. 

This very important factor to grow height and HRH (Human growth hormone ).all the above two step is will useless if you can't sleep. HRH responsible for growth of body part such as hair,bones,cell,height. And our body  boost growth upto 75% when we sleep. If you not able to sleep then do above exercises.The time you spend sleeping properly is the time that your body is being restored and repaired, keep a consistent sleep schedule and wake up at the same time each day this will regulate your internal body clock edge motion which is a by product of cell activity that is produced by the body is the cause of human perception of being tired diagnosing builds up during the day but during the sleep the body clears it out of your system which helps us feel alert taking a 20-minute nap during the afternoon will also help increase your energy.

I will hope this article helps you to grow height .
thanks for reading the article.
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