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6 Best Super Food For Vitamins and Minerals

Super best foods are foods that are rich in vitamins,minerals and nutrients that are designed to provide the body with the greatest health benefits most of these super best foods are  every day ingredients by simply adding more of them into your daily diet you can enhance your health and well-being immensely a diet of natural wholesome foods are enough to give you required requirement of  vitamins and minerals such as foods can give you a well nourished fishery that is strong enough not only to make distance from diseases but can help you achieve better health prevent chronic disease and improve the way you feel day in and day out some of the super best foods are,
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Best Vitamins and Minerals food
1.Aloe vera

fresh aloe vera gel is rich in enzymes and has antibacterial antifungal antiviral properties it is also helps in killing the germs in stomach and slove the problem digestive complaints aloe vera juice can help as it reflects but ideally it should be made from homegrown aloe vera the benefits come from the inner gel of the plant and not the outer leaf the inner gel can be compliant can be combined with lime or lemon to make it more palatable when drinking it is also helpful in Candida infections parasite infection constipation ulcers including those caused by h pylori crohn's disease IBS and colitis.

2.Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the edible oil extracted from the white side of mature coconuts from being an ideal oil to use in all forms of cooking and baking coconut oil can also be drizzled or salads added in coffee or vegetable juice or taken in once or twice daily coconut oil is an excellent replacement for non vegetable cops because it is comprised of MC FS the medium chain fatty acids which are easily digested and readily cross membranes coconut oil is also an antimicrobial which will destroy all kinds of microbial microbes from viruses to bacteria to protozoa coconut oil also helps promote heart health support tyroid function from more healthy brain function strengthen your immune system it will provide an excellent fuel for your body it supports the metabolism and can aid in weight loss maintain healthy and youthful looking skin.


Yogurt containing beneficial bacteria had improved brain function compared those who did not consume probiotics.
But the yogurt beneficial property is destroy totally when the artificial colors and sweetener added, So try buy the yogurt from market,the beneficial bacteria it would be far better off making your own yogurt from drop milk or eating other fermented foods like fermented vegetables to support your gut health and move toxicity in your gut can flow throughout your body and into your brain where it can cause symptoms of poor mood autism ADHD depression schizophrenia and a whole lot of other mental and behavioral Disorders probiotics can help boost the good bacteria in your gut to promote better digestion and enhance immunity.


Cucumber is grow in large amount in world,(India) for benefitial  propertys which commonly used in making medicine to treat headaches and the juice is used as an acne cream and a soothing remedy for tired and coffee ice although it's actually 90% water cucumber has a lot of nutritional value it is an excellent source for anti-inflammatory,vitamin K,infection-fighting,vitamin c energy producing vitamin b 5 bone building manganese heart-healthy potassium and magnesium recent studies also revealed that cucumbers have lignans known to lower heart disease risk.
This reduced risk of several cancers including breast uterus ovarian and prostate cancers other phytonutrients in cucumber rasam are also known to strongly inhibit cancer cell development to get cucumbers into your diet you can try pickling them or adding them to your salads juices and other cooked recipes infusing your water with slices of cucumber.

5. Sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes are not just delicious they are good for you too sweet potatoes are high in nutrients like vitamin C,vitamin D,iron and magnesium this properties provide great health benefits that can improve your energy levels support a healthy immune system and reduce stress most notably they are loaded with vitamin A one cup
of cooked potatoes meets 769 percent of your daily value for vitamin A, vitamin A
helps envision fighting inflammation and protecting the health of your immune system to fight off infections try roasting a batch of sweet potato wedges add ginger soups or use them to flavor
your curries and salads.

                  High protein foods 
                  Gain weight Naturally

6. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is curry central leaves are edible and often used as an ingredient authentic Indian cuisine while its seeds are used as a flavorful spice fenugreek seeds are rich in iron potassium calcium fiber choline and can be sprouted for an added health benefits as well over the years fenugreek has also been the focus of several studies concerned treating diabetes and prevention of breast cancer but traditionally fenugreek has been valued for its medicinal uses for digestion problems constipation gastritis bronchitis sore throat diabetes and ulcer.
Remember if you're allergic or sensed you to any of these foods listed it's best to discontinue the use and use those of the above which is safe for you or consult with your doctor to use or not to use, All the mention above foods are not expensive and easily available in market. So, make change in your eating habits and take it regularly for better results.

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