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13 Foods Rich in high Protein.  

HIGH PROTEIN FOOD is very important nutrient for our body for performance of daily activities in inner body,external body
for skin,cell,tissues,muscle,hormone,hair etc. protein contains amino which helps body to building muscle without protein we can’t make good physic.
So,you can understand how the protein is important for our body functions
Protein helps to building muscle,cut fat,transformation.so, we have to include protein in our daily meal.
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Then,the question arise in our mind that how much protein we should consume daily.the answear is per body weight protein is necessary,means if one person is 60 kg the he should to consume 60 kg protein in normal life .with no bodybuilding  and fat loss program.
Some high protein food’s are;

1.Chicken breast
Chicken breast contain high protein of 100 gm chicken breast contains 25-30 g of protein.

In bodybuilding  industry  the first choice is chicken breast because it have bio-availability .

And chicken cook with many recipes and tast very good and liked by all.

Egg is No. one food liked by large number of people.
And one big egg of 50 g contain 6 gm protein (4 g in egg white and 2 g in yolk.

Egg white have pure best protein and it is very cheap source.

Fish is loaded with omega 3, fatty acid ,and lean protein which healthy for brain ,eyes and other body part. Fish can be better option for those who focus on weight loss and fat loss because it zero carbs
100 g of fish contains 15-20 g of protein.

Almonds is high protein nuts. Its contains proteins,fiber,magnesium.

Almonds are available in all place of world and the tast of almonds is also good.Almonds helps to cut fat because its contain good which cuts bad fat and its reduce the Heart problems arise due to bad cholesterol.
100g of almond contain 26 g of protein.

Another best nuts on proteins list is peanuts.

Its cheap sources of protein available in market . Peanut butter is first preference who use peanut as daily proteins purpose.
100 g of peanut contains 24 g of protein.

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Oats is healthy whole grain food which liked by many people in breakfast. Oats is best in weight loss  or bodybuilding .Oats is consumed by large number of people because of its nutrients value.
Oats is loaded with high fiber,protein,carbs
100 g of oats contain 34 g of protein.

7.Greek Yogurt.
Yogurt is liked by large number of people for there creamy texture and there nutrients value. Yogurt

have antioxidant property which improve digestion.yogurt build better immune system and reduce the risk of illness.and its promote better moods and also reduce the stress.
100 g of Yogurt contain 12 g of protein,4 g of fat.

Milk is loaded with vitamin A D ,calcium, protein,potassium, vitamin B 12.
Milk is important for growth of our body . Milk is widely consume by worldwide.
if you are growing child you should have to drink one glass of milk daily.
One glass of 250 ml contain 12 g of high protein,calories 105 ,carbs 15 g, fat 3 g.

Paneer is another milke products which liked by other for taste and nutrients value.
Many have different type of paneer recipe are makes paneer tasty and first preference of people. Paneer have good nutrients like fat,high protein, Vitamin B 12,calcium.
100 g of paneer contains 18 g of protein and 20 g of fat.

10.Cottage Cheeses
Cheese is liked by large number of people because of the taste 1 spoon of cheese make any dish tasteful.
Cheese also helps to clean bacteria in stomach.
This type of cheese contains Very amount of calories and fat.
Cheese is rich source of Vitamin B 12,Calcium,high Protein,Phosphorus.
100 g of cottage cheese contain 2 g of fat,13 g of protein .

11.tuna Fish
Tuna is very popular in among people for there low carbs and fat.
Tuna is lean sources of protein, fitness industry members use tuna for there protein fulfill the daily proteins requirements through tuna Fish.
Tuna contains 26 g of protein in per 100 g.

Avocado is best for Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acid.
Avocado clean stomach bacteria because of it antioxidant property. Avocado reduce the chances of cancer and its clean the blood vessel in body.
100 g of avocado contains 14 g of fat,carbs 8.50 g,protein 2g ,160 calories

13.Seeds family.
Seed are rich in protein and fiber some seeds are,
Sunflower seeds,Flax seeds,Sesame seeds,chia seeds. It helps to fullfil the amount of requirements of 40% iron,protein,fiber and various vitamins'
100 g of any seeds contains 14-22 g of Proteins.`
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